Information on purchasing prints appears below.

General Information

The photographs shown on this site, except for the portraits, are available for sale. I limit the number of prints I sell to 25, and number up from 1/25. I limit my artist proofs to a total of 3, one reference print, one personal print for my own display or for sales, and one additional print to back up the other two. As required by many states, I also include a certificate of authenticity with information about the print and edition. Prints are signed and numbered.

Print Materials

I print mostly on two types of paper - matte surface watercolor paper, and luster surfaced photographic type paper. All papers are acid free archival papers, rated by testing agencies for lifespans in excess of 100 years under normal display conditions. I use several different papers in each category - cold or hot press watercolor surfaces, and a couple of different types of photgraphic luster surface. I choose the paper based on test prints, matching an image's tonality with the paper that shows it off the best. If someone is buying a set to show together, I'll find a paper that works for the set of prints so that they go together easily, but in my own home and studio, I have prints on many different papers hung together.

A few papers have very soft surfaces and may scratch easily, and for those papers I will use an archival photographic coating that isn't visible at all, but significantly toughens up the surface of the print against damage. I don't like to do that generally as the best coatings are not environmentally friendly.

Some images are available printed on canvas, and stretched on gallery frames - a gallery wrap. Not every image is suitable for this, but please inquire if you'd like a canvas print, and I'll let you know whether the image will work as a gallery wrap.

I print with two different printers - a Canon 12 color large format photographic inkjet printer, and an Epson 8 color mid-size printer are used for sale prints. Prints are given several days for the ink to cure before coating or shipping.

Print Sizes and Prices

Prints are available in a wide range of sizes, from 11x14 to 40x60, and panoramas as large as 18 feet on the longest dimension. Edition numbers are for the total number of prints, regardless of size.

There are three different aspect ratios for prints - the ratio of height to width. The first is square-ish, which is for print sizes 11x14, 16x20, 20x24, and so on. The second is 2x3, the traditional shape of a 35mm film frame. That results in prints of 12x18, 16x24, and so on. The third is panoramas, which are images where width is 2x the height and up... sometimes 20x the height.

The shape of the image you see on the site shows you the print aspect ratio.

The table below shows prices for prints on paper. Gallery wraps are somewhat more expensive, priced on request. Prices do not include shipping, I'll estimate and include that when sending you an invoice.

If you're purchasing more than two prints, I will give significant discounts on all prints after the first two. I have provided sets of 10-20 prints to interior designers decorating a new office space.

To order, contact me via the "Contact" page with a description of the image, size you'd like, and info so I can get back to you.

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